Glad you joined me.

Hey sunshine!! I am here to hopefully get you all over the stigma as well as the uncomfortable feeling we get when shoe size is mentioned. Trying to squeeze into designer brands that obviously weren’t made for us- in addition to spending hundreds on shoes, just to say we have a pair is ludicrous (Tyson Voice 😂)

This page has been created to interact with my shoe size 10+  heel, wedge and flat wearers. I want to network, inform and discuss how it feels to be a big foot girl in a small cute shoe world. This page gives me the power to reach people, manufacturers and discover designers such as myself. I want, not only to be the person/place you run to when you want a new pair of shoes but, I also want to connect you with shoe boutiques that cater to larger feet. This gives me the ability to pass info to you- my BF-friends 😉.

Wouldn’t you love great shoes – that fit and are actually worth the money? I know I do- so, this is why I have come to you offering the help I have always wanted.


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