Bits about RI

Hello my BF Luvs and supporters 🤗.

Im RI aka Rachel Irene, I’m an East Coast nomad- but, I’ll always be a New Yorker at heart- BRONX STAND UP‼️

8️⃣6️⃣ is my year and these are my signs ♓️♒️

SIZE 12w shoes are my go-tos

5’11.75 Feet tall. GIVE ME EVERY CENTIMETER!


BOTTOMS-16 Shaped just like my daddy. lol

My aversion for shoes started when I was just a preteen. Shoe shopping was on my list of dreadful  things to do- along with shopping in Lane Bryant, 20 years ago when I was 10. As time went on and I aged, I began to love parts of me others didn’t understand. When I turned 20, I decided I wanted to be a shoe designer but only for myself (I wasn’t tryna share my creations). I realized after becoming a shoenista that there was a HUGE market (no pun intended) for shoe lovers with foot sizes 10 and above- especially wide feet. I dibbled and dabbled with the dream of being a designer and seeing someone walk by with a pair of my shoes on- however, like most people… I woke up and went to work 😞.

After hitting a wall with my current situation of being a “worker” I realized that my thoughts on working for someone else would never change! I needed to become my own boss and quickly!

Current date and time- I brainstormed different entrepreneurial markets and was led back to my first love- SHOES!


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