So, you want to start a business..

#MoneyToTheCeiling It’s what most want, right?
#RiinventYourMethods #Entepreneurship #WinningWithYourDreams

#FifiLaBeaux Steps

Having started my own journey into entrepreneurship- I have realized that there are countless areas no one ever tells you about that could make or break your endeavor. I’ve decided that over the next 6 weeks I will incrementally go over the steps to becoming your own boss. Each week I will give you a few step to follow – so that you cover most of your bases. It won’t address your particular niche but, it will help you to think of the areas you need covered and how to go about it. 
There’s more to business than having a dream picking a name and selling yourself/products 

I’ve been gettting a lot of questions each step I complete- I guess you can say this is me “paying it forward” like I wish someone would’ve done for me- people aren’t so forthcoming when they realize your ready to put your dreams to work- so, I’m doing it for you all. 💵🏆😎

Saturday I will start to make post and every week after until I’m complete. 



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