Interactions with an Angel

People laugh when I say #ImVisitedByAngels


I was on my way back to #NJ the other day from #Beyonces hometown -Houston and for a very short time, one of the passengers on the plane next to me, sparked up a conversation- he asked what I did for a living… Maybe it was the seat I was in but, I said without pause – “I am a specialty designer” I smiled so hard after because it felt GOOD, I felt RIGHT, amazing even!

We continued to talk and he said to me “Whatever you design charge more than you think it’s worth because chances are you’re undervaluing yourself.”

Lol, I looked at him a bit puzzled and asked why. Even though his way of thinking was on point with mine.

He began to tell him a story about how he quit his job to become a realtor after working on Wall Street prior to 2008. People called him crazy for leaving- told him he’d be back, wouldn’t help when he needed and turned their back on him. He said he was a personal accountant and financial advisor  amidst other things. He told me how his friends charged all this money yet, had not half as many clients as him but he realized wanting to appease to everyone financially caused him to miss out on life. He explained how he charged a fraction of what his counterparts did -and, yes that caused people to come to him for their needs- however, he wasn’t happy. He told me he never jeopardized the quality of his work based on the amount he would charge and that is what caused him to sink… He was giving too much for very little…. The long and the short..he felt his quality of work surpassed his cohorts but the money he was making barely kept him afloat – he was overworked, trying to keep up with all that he serviced and couldn’t live as good of a life as he envisioned. Quantity not necessarily quality. He had it backwards.

He said “charge more than your product is worth not just for the money but the piece of mind that comes with not having to SLAVE just to see your vision come to reality.

Provide quality and don’t worry about getting many to come just a few. #QualityOverQuantity

Word of mouth is paramount right along with the experience you offer.

Whatever you sale as long as you give it everything in you- the money will come. Just make yourself available to enjoy it.”

I’ve been sitting back debating when I’m gonna go all in- fear will keep you from attaining your dreams. I don’t want to be half focused and half depressed. My leap is coming and I know there’s a possibility that it won’t be all lilies and sunshine but I’m ready to try.

Everything we discussed told me that, God listens and will give you a response when ready.

This man said everything I needed to hear and as we exited the aircraft he gave me a business card. Y’all know I googled him.. Dude is on Forbes List!!! He told me 6 years ago he only had a studio and 300 or so dollars in his checking account.

#ImWoke #Finalized my details with my manufacturer today..

#WhosReady for shoes #FifiLaBeaux coming to a foot near you!


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