To turn a blind eye to the events globally occurring or even those in your own neighborhood- will become more difficult to do. Whether you oppose or defend a specific occurrence your involvement will soon-no longer be optional.

A change is brewing- Can  you feel it. That uneasy feeling the creeps up on you in the middle of  the day and you haven’t the slightest clue as to why.. The feeling you get when your extra happy- as if you want to leap into the air, that feeling of angst/angry — it’s the universes way of telling you SOMETHING IS COMING.

When you leave no option for the negative to seep in, the only option is turn the darkness into light or ENLIGHTNEMENT*

It sounds so cliche or corny -but, LOVE, understanding RESPECT and the yearning to gain insight from a viewpoint other than your own BRIDGES GAPS.

My hunger doesn’t effect the amount of food you place on your table at night- BUT IT SHOULD.

I challenge you to do something positive today- something that doesn’t benefit you DIRECTLY but helps another.

#LovealittleMore #StayWoke  #BecomeConscientious


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