Logo Designing

imageThis has been the most labor intensive 3days dealing with a #designer, trying to get my logo just right. Come to find out my good friend could’ve done it- had I reached out… My circle is so talented! #BelieveInYourDream

So, now I’m pretty much squared away with that, now- the landslide of other “MUST DOs” has started. it’s  a gift and a curse. I now have to decide on business cards. Logo placement in/on the shoes and how I want my logo displayed on my website..

My next big dilemma is how many shoes to start with.. For the soft launch I have been going back and forth with the thought of just placing one shoe on the site and having about 4-5 color variations. 😒 not gonna work! There’s so much money and hidden fees in this process.

I need your help! I’ve been scouting comparable site and I see, they don’t have many shoes either- they just have different variants of the same shoe and they’re established sites. Now my course of action is listing maybe four to five types of shoe.  For instance. A heel, bootie, flat, boot (combat, calf) and maybe a knee boot.

This launch will be done just to see what styles my demographic is drawn to and to get feedback on what you may want that you do not see. The prices will be discounted for the first 3 weeks and after the prices will be as they are listed..

The way I have this venture set up in my mind is BANANAS (In my Gwen Stefani voice 🎶)

There will be membership packages💳 ranging from free/Tier 1- which will sign you up for notifications when a new shoe is added or when a sale is taking place. There will be a tier 2 membership which will give you notifications of when a shoe will be added to the line 1 week prior and the ability to preorder, plus points earned for purchases. Tier 3 membership lets you preorder and get discounted shipping, notifications of the shoes to be added 2 weeks to a month prior and discounts intermittently in addition to birthday bonus cash to use toward a purchase or gift cards . I’m debating on the Tier 2-3pricing. I’m thinking 150+ for the tier 2 and Tier 3 maybe 250-300+ considering the discounts, bonus cash and shipping.. Shipping is a beast!! None of these figures are set in stone this is just what I’m toying with in my head.

💵💰Prices.. Everyone wants to know my price point. My least expensive shoe, probably a flat will be $90 , my heels $120 knee boots $250+ etc.  these prices are for the signature line. For my other, Line- Opulent no shoe will be less than $550.

Again none of these are set in stone however this is more than likely what you will be looking forward to. Will it work for everyone- NO! I’m okay with that. I do intend on having amazing sales but not often enough to devalue the product I’m setting forth.

Catch that SOFT LAUNCH! There will be limited shoes in sizes 11-15. Once I launch OFFICALLY, I will be supplying sizes 8-15.


Ohhh and I can finally give you the name #FifiLaBeaux aka FLBs on my feet! 😎😜😍


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