Do I see a launch?!? 

I received all paperwork in the mail yesterday for my business😍‼️🎉🎉🎉😎😎😎😜😜👏👠🤓

Things are moving a lot quicker than I thought but,I guess that’s what happens when you stop procrastinating. I honestly wasted maybe 6 to 10 years of time,debating if I should do it, when I should do it, if it makes sense, if it will be successful and if I just gotten up in the middle the night like I did two weeks ago and just made one simple step forward- things would’ve  been different. Im not one to dwell on the past or to rehash the what if’s often-but I say- what I said, just to show you -you’re not truly ready until you’re ready! We all sit back for the most part and say we’re ready for this major change but we don’t realize we must realign our lives in order to receive said change. I don’t regret the 6 to 10 years if not more time,  that most would view as a waste.  in all honestly so much has happened within that portion of my life -God wouldn’t have wanted any of those people in my circle currently with my blessings being handed out!! furthermore, I wasn’t ready to receive it,baby! I am ready now!!!!

Since everything is flowing so quickly and freely- my next move is to finalize my logo and start with the sample shoes.. 😆 I’m So eff’n excited. Thank you all for your support.. It pushes me when I just want to sleep.


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