Preparation makes for perfect execution.

Good morning all! I’ve been working pretty hard and finally after many setbacks my LLC is set up, my FEIN is complete (this was the easiest of all) and my trademark is processing. Whenever I embark on something things always seem to be a bit harder for me than it appears to be for others. As I age (Like fine 🍷😎) I think my journey seems difficult because the universe and GOD know how great I can be, but they need to see just how long I’ll keep trying, how hard I’ll keep pushing until they deem me worthy of reaping the fruits of all my seeds that have been sown.
Around 9pm last night I received confirmation that All of my business paperwork had been fully approved and I was in the GREEN- so to speak.

I have procrastinated a bit-however, it all comes down to centering yourself and remembering what you are trying to achieve. After returning from my vacation and having to get up before the sun for work- my centering couldn’t have been any more CENTERED‼️

Executing my vision seemed unsettling at first (Years ago) so in all honesty I avoided it- moreover I attempted to fall into society’s work engine telling myself I can be the best employee there is 😕. There’s nothing wrong with this-although, upon realizing not everyone will see the great, determination and propensity you possess for upward movement I convinced myself to stop seeking validation in a place that was never set up for RACHEL. once you realize these organizations can still function without you, you realize just how important you are on the corporate scale of things. I, personally- don’t want to be involved in ANYTHING that can continue to function if I’m not in the mix beside my significant other. I refuse to bust my ass for something I have no stake/ stock in just to be told somewhere down the line ” we no longer need you, thank you for your service and here’s a pin”  😯😮😦😭😲😠😡😖 “Whhheetttt?!??!

Any who- always hearing my dads voice in my head “Get your own business” and seeing the creativity of my mother (she’s awesome sauce!!) I push further. This process can be pricier than it seems but RESEARCH can save you some serious coinage! Also, ASK QUESTIONS!!! There are so many forums and people with knowledge in areas you may not have thought, ask!!

Create a circle that contains like minds but in different areas of expertise , that way you all can benefit from one another. Knowledge not shared is ignorance waiting to be awoken.

In part of my procrastination, I still need an artist/Designer to draw out my logo, then I have to make sure all the proper permits are filed and last but never the least 👠👢👡👟SHOESSSS!!

Thank you for all the new views and likes 💞

Today is a new one- make it better than your last. Don’t put off anything that can be done today for tomorrow.  😘


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