Show me SHOES👀‼️

Heyyyyyyy! Forgive me but this new schedule has me on a crazy new sleep pattern! I haven’t truly given my luvs an update lately and the season for cute shoes THAT FIT is upon us hunnicakes! I’ve had a few go-to’s shoe retailers for myself and forgot to give you more as they came to my mind. There was an article in the #HuffingtonPost about shoes for women with #BigFeet and they linked sites within the article.

As I discussed what my next post was going to consist of ,people told me “YOURE CRAZY TO GIVE PEOPLE ALTERNATIVES TO PURCHAING FROM YOU” now granted This may sway a few people and they may no longer be interested in my brand -however, I truly believe in helping others grow along with you.. What’s meant for me will be mine- I know the struggle in finding great shoes that fit soooooo, My gift to you all- is the article I read.

Click this link Big Feet Retailers. You’re welcome  😎


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