You’re not losing

imageThere’s been setbacks and I swear it may feel like the world is crashing down at times but, I haven’t lost- I’m just gaining experience, formulating a testimony -that someone else can use as a guide.

We often get so caught up in the helping of others we forget the most important piece to the puzzle, OURSELVES. Being offered the truth is a beautiful thing however most of us are forced to model ourselves around lies- be it those we tell to ourselves placing seeds of doubt in our hearts and minds or the lies that others tell us to keep us holding on to faux futures plagued with, what ifs..

You’ve won‼️ no matter how sad, hard, long, tiresome the  road to your future is…

Smile at the thought of how hard you’re gonna work-so that you can prove to everyone -MOREOVER, yourself that YOU are capable of GREATNESS. Dont get wrapped up in temporary forevers that will take your focus off of you.. Everything will come when it’s time.

Get back to your GRIND!


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