A change is brewing.

Short and sweet.


Placeholder ImageI decided to go #vegan about a week ago and today I made jerk fried tofu.. AND IT WASNT BAD AT ALL. #Winning

It seems as though the more I reach toward my dream the more aware I become about; people, food, life, love and being the best RI I can be..

I’ve decided to take better care of me and really give my all to being healthier -in addition, an even more informed me- my general well being-MENTAL INCLUDED. we are what we eat and what they ate and were injected with before we ate them.. 😷.

I won’t go into my conspiracy theories that show everything placed in our food is a form of population control and meant to keep some not as healthy as others.. #ThatsTooDeep for some of you- #ANDTHATSOK 😚

In the midst of making real decisions to be better to me and spread knowledge to others so many breakthroughs are occurring.

There was a woman on my job who was making my life hell and although I somewhat feel bad for her- she was let go today! God will move people out of your way so don’t waste time even focusing on them.
Never think you’re the most important piece in a puzzle you didn’t create.

Stay encourage, have fun, be kind, laugh and find your #PASSION


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