When I realized, I was CRAZY 😜

 I was online one day maybe about a month or two ago planning my trip to Miami in May. I was looking at Bergdorf Goodmans website when I came across these cute Christian Louboutin shoes. The shoes were so adorable!  anyone that knows about Christian knows that he has up to a size 12 but you have to order them as soon as you see them because they will be sold out within a matter of three days. So back to these beautiful shoes that I saw, they were denim- like a light denim and they had a colorful heel and of course the traditional/customary Red bottom. I ordered them as soon as I seen they had a size 12 and waited for that massive $700 to empty it’s way out of my account. After about a week the money still hadn’t come out because they will pre-ordered-(usually with pre-orders at Neiman Marcus Bergdorf Goodman and I believe Saks Fifth Avenue you don’t pay until the shoe is available and about to ship ….take that as a token 😉). AnyWho so I started looking at YouTube videos about Christian shoes just confirming what I already knew. His shoes are extremely narrow, usually with a deep arch ,no cushion and not going to fit my big ass feet how I needed them too. I wentback-and-forth with the thought of how I was going to wear the shoes. I even tried to get creative with it so I can wear them- if I’m going somewhere, maybe out to then I don’t have to stand or I can bring flats with me and change them out, you know when I’m gonna take a picture or I can just walk around the house and try to stretch them out 👀👈🏾🤔 .

At that very moment I knew I was BAT SHIT CRAZY AND I HAD CONFIRMED IT- MYSELF.  Why would I buy a pair of shoes for $700 that I could not walk in, that I could not wear repeatedly, that would be uncomfortable and will just sit on the shelf to be idolized. when I decide to make a shoe that would cost over $500  it would be made so that you can at least walk in them, it would have a insole that provides cushion and support, it would be a shoe that you would love to grab out of your closet more than three times a year and it would fit your fucking feet! Excuse the expletives 😷🤐.

I often sit back and try to figure out what my fascination is with designer shoes, and honestly some designers like Ralph and Russo, have brilliantly designed shoes they’re like works of art and every bit of $18-$1900 but that’s OK in my head even though I’m not paying that. it’s art , a lot of thought has went into the shoe the construction of the heel the arch of the sole the outer Sole and it’s material. But so many of us simply want a designer heel as a status symbol, as a statement to say hey look at me I can buy those too but dammit man, buy them if you can wear what you’ve purchased. I have many different friends in all Socio economic levels -even those who make six close to seven figures a year collectively as a household -still would not purchase something that they can get no use of. I remember talking to my friend who lives in Switzerland about my shoes and she said to me “RI, people will pay whatever price you put on those shoes because you’re actually thinking about the consumer. You are thinking about the quality of the product opposed to the profit you can make. You will be blessed because this is not just an area that you realized needed to be addressed but it’s an area that you to know so personally -so you have no choice but to give your all.” And then I had another person I wouldn’t call a friend that said to me if you press your shoes over $60 no one’s gonna buy them because no one knows your name…….. bihhh, wheettt!?!?! In my most southern dialect. They may not know my name but the need is there so they’ll become familiar after soon enough- This goes back to not undervaluing yourself and knowing your worth. I’m not trying to have people go, Gucci, Prada, Christian or Giuseppe  broke But I can guarantee you unless it’s a sale the 20-40 dollar mark won’t be where my shoes fall. Sorry, not sorry. You want quality, that’s what you pay for but $700  for a shoe that doesn’t cover my whole damn leg for the winter months or that can’t walk for me.. I’ll pass.

Just so you know, I am no longer fully crazy. I’m shaking my habits one shoe at a time but I will NOT pay for a shoe I can’t wear.

Signing out, a crazy girl! 😜


3 thoughts on “When I realized, I was CRAZY 😜

  1. osospankalicious says:

    I always remember my dad telling me it’s not about the price nor quantity…. It’s all about quality. I look forward to seeing your unveiling of the prodigal shoe😊 p.s do you think you will partner with companies such as Macy’s, Torrid etc???? Would be a great venture


    • Big Feet RI says:

      I honestly haven’t given any thought to partnering with a “Brand” partially because I feel like that’s such a huge move for me as a lil fish. Lol and I want my BRAND to stand on its own prior to possibly being recognized as another.
      Who knows. One day- Maybe Nordstrom-Neiman, Macys sheesshhh Dillards!
      Thanks for believing in my mamas!


  2. BoobsButtBelly (@boobsbuttbelly) says:

    You know this post really spoke to me, as a big foot having girl I know exactly where you are coming from. In fact my wardrobe is testament to the insantity of buying shoes that I couldnt wear…simply because they were pretty.

    Unfortunately pretty does not = wearable… I am willing to give up a certain amount of comfort for great shoes but some of the pairs I have bought had me walking around like I was on stilts like a circus performer or a foot bound Japanese lady circa 1810.

    One day while standing in a shoe store pulling my purse and my hair out I finally decided that enough was enough and that unless they were going to be wearable it wasnt going on my credit card.

    Thankfully there are women like you who are willing to do something about it and not just leave us big feet havin chicks barefoot on the curb.

    Props to you for making not only your dream but ours as well a reality.

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