Getting this line together 

 Taxes, shipping, duty tax requirements, limitations on amount of products, shipping to a port vs your front door. Man my head is spinning but I’m gonna get it together- one step at a time like #JordinSparks this #ShoeLine is truly a labor of love but as everyone knows love can be draining at times. I’m trying to finalize certain things like the shoe boxes and how the logo will go on the box. #ShoeTesters may actually be hard to come by but everything in time.

So far, I’ve decided to go with a different type of insole that most have to purchase for their shoes opposed to what comes with it. I’m wondering what matters most with shoes to women. A lot of us will sacrifice comfort just to own a shoe we keep in the closet.

I am trying to target all reasonably priced markets but I’m gaining a deeper understanding of how this design to finished product process actually goes.. I don’t see how companies that arent huge -sell shoes for $ 20USD. It’s damn near Impossible- especially when creating a “specialty” item. I look forward to seeing more followers come aboard and support the mission/struggle of owning our #BigFeet. With all I intend to put into these shoes I think I’m looking at a price point between 70-90 a pair. Not horrible and not CHEAP yet reasonable for a CUTE shoe that FITS your feet ✋🏾( that’s my church hand) 😝. No more squeezing into a smaller size or whipping out the blow dryer to stretch those patent or leather puppies.

My next post will be on #FootShaming  👀⚰. You may laugh as I may but this is a real issue. As being #Fluffy becomes more of an acceptable norm- having large feet is still lagging behind.


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