There’s no WEAKNESS in being a WOMAN 👈🏾‼️

Why do we assume all qualities of strength equate to masculinity? That there’s no feminism is being who we are when we subconsciously exude STRENGTH?    A little more often than I would like- I see women who are afraid, in hiding, unsure of …being WOMEN!
Speaking to a good amount of women in causal conversation- it’s easy to stumble upon the coined phrase “I do it like a man.” No! no! Hell no! You do it like the mother of earth you are, the creator of life, the nurturer, the provider of emotional sustenance . There is NO WEAKNESS IN BEING A WOMAN! We hear terms such as ” Stop acting like a girl” “You act like a bitch” referring to qualities of la Femme. There’s so much strength in our bodies,opinions, minds, actions Sheeesh even in our walk (bow legged, pigeon toed, slew foot etc) we command attention without even realizing we are yet present in an equation. Stop devaluing yourself by referring to yourself, your demeanor or actions as manly- for man is of you but not YOU!

This does not aim to offend anyone transitioning – that is a whole nother’ blog-that I would love to dabble in. I salute everyone who lives what they love and doesn’t infringe on others.

All in all- live deep within your truth!! So deep you can’t see any other way but what is.

The next time someone tells you your assertion is manly, you need to be less manly, you are too rough with your approach let them know you are a WoMAN and you encompass all traits which is why you have both XX chromosomes and men borrow from you so they have XY. Without you there is no them!

Be unapologetic in you WOMANLINESS!


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