Brand Ambassadors needed! 

 Ok, I know I may have to post this a few times for it to catch on but hey- I am going to need 5  CORRECTION 10 people to test my sizing for the shoes I will be creating. I need 2 of each size; 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 to try out my shoes in the coming months. I will choose you lucky luvs by a lotto of sorts. I will start with flats.


Requirements will be:

willing to pay for shipping and $20 for the shoe.

A short VERY short excerpt on why you want to be an ambassador for RI.

If you post any pictures you must hashtag me and my shoe label.

Be open to giving suggestions but not bashing.

Understand this is the beginning stages and I’m looking tweak what needs tweaking.

Must complete survey once shoes are received and tried on.

Must send a picture to me of the shoes on your feet.

If chosen, when I need inventory tested more than likely you will be my go-to.

SPREAD THIS TO YOUR FRIENDS PLEASE!! It may be a few months out but I want to have everything lined up.


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