Support- We all want it…

Its so crazy how we all strive for support but barely get it from the people we expect it to come from.

Oh, where are my manners? HEEYY LUVS!

Any-who back to the real ish!

I’m not a newbie to creating webpages and Facebook groups. I have a a complete following of about 29k but when I finally decide to make a page about the real RI- topics I wanna discuss and not just for comedy – It seems like the support is nill to none. This time around having a specified target audience is proving harder than I feel it should be.. Y’all know y’all have BIG FEET! Gah Head and Follow my page already!” lol

The realist shit I have ever seen/heard besides what I speak!

I seen this pic today on my —> timeline and I take it- GOD is giving me a reason to laugh. 


What causes us to jump for those we don’t know but those we call friends/ family we just give it a glance before dismissing it? I think  KNOW that this is bothering me simply because this blog is me unadulterated, naked, vulnerable, potty-mouth and real. The things that people have reveled about me for years- in tangible form and its merely just another thing for them to scroll by and not even hot LIKE or FOLLOW!! If I was holding an eff’n mic I would drop that shit so many times it becomes as ridiculous as Peter Griffin from Family Guy groaning in pain! I love Family Guy- don’t friggin’ judge me!

I had a conversation with my LOVE last night about what support means to me and how I want it to be displayed. That conversation truly put things into perspective.. “FUCK EMif you miss a pivotal point in my movement whose fault is that? Not RI. I was given excuses like- I’m busy, I have so much to do, I didn’t get a chance to read it but you’re the same people on social media every second you can grab your phone! Blow me! I guess it boils down to how hard I go for people. When you tell me you’re about to embark on something I’m there in damn fishing gear- like how deep we need to go to catch ya dreams?!!? 

Things like this make me grind harder! I wanna be comfortable doing something I LOVE!(The amount of riches I attain doesn’t determine my comfort) I want to start that generational money flowing- so My great-great grand-kids who will only see pictures and old post of/ from me, know- I PUT IN THAT WORKso they would never have to be someones employee. I want to raise; LEADERS-BOSSES, when I finally push some babies out or adopt.

The long and short of this is- FOCUS ON YOU. WAYS(Worry About YourSelf) I know we all want to be that overnight hit- That thing that everyone jumps to check their emails then social media for- but, a slow rise makes for a steady foundation. Keep putting in that work and I promise when its time, you’ll look back and say “WTF was I worried about?”



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