Summertime fly (Shoe Edition)


Hey my Goodie Goodie gum drops! I decided to post some of the shoes that have me looking twice for the summer. We all (With BIG FEET) know it can be a little difficult to find a super cute yet practical spring/summer shoe- SOOOOOoo, I am presenting you with a few places I know of- where you can get a descent shoe that you wouldn’t buy for your mom. When I post these types of blogs, I will try my best to give you affordable alternatives and at least one splurge.

The first three shoes are from one of my favorite places to get clothes and shoes- TORRID


Woven T-Strap Sandals (TORRID)

These right here are my usual summer go-to shoe. I call them “Jesus Shoes” lol. I dont think I have cute feet at all- yet when I were shoes like these with a nice pedicure-I could care less who’s looking. Torrid is one of my favorite places to get shoes that can actually fit my feet. I am not a fan of the sole comfort considering its usually hard and flat with no type of cushion- however, if cushion is what you need then you can always buy fancy insoles 🙂 . These are retailing for about $35 USD sizes 7-13US. I love the color combo!

Bling.pngGemstone T-Strap shoe

Here we have a cute Blingy Summer sandal in a gorgeous almost Tiffany blue/green with embellishments to boot! These are priced at or around $40USD.  And currently only have sizes 11-13 Available. This shoe also comes in a brown and black. Mix and match these with a casual or evening looking and definitely have people peeking at your feet.


Last but not least- these babies remind me of a night in Vegas! LMBO- I don’t know if its Cherrythe cherry on them or the cheesiness of them- I just like them Cherry OnTop. These are also in the $40USD range and they only have a size 13US left.. WOOP WOOP!!!! for my 13’s out there.






Although these shoes come from my #FLUFFSTAR list of FAVES- supplying us with comfy threads- they don’t normally go above an 11US with their shoes.. Boooo!! but, I will post these because I know someone out there may be an eleven and not able to find a comfy cute summer shoe- So this is my gift to you!

I like these because they are easy on the foot- Not much of a crazy heel and its a stock heel! For my big girls or those not good with thin heels this is a huge plus!!! Not having to try to balance all your weight on the ball of your foot and having your calf muscles cussing at you while your legs shake is ALWAYS an added benefit for me.




Enter a caption

Stuart Weitzman- WRAP IT SUEDE LACE UP from Neiman Marcus


Now, I love Neiman Marcus- This store is one of my guilty pleasures- even though- I am on three month no spend/splurge challenge.

These Retail for about $455USD and only go up to an 11US BUT Neiman Marcus does carry larger sizes! This platform wedge gives me life, death and resurrection.


The part that gets me with retailers is, I know retailers are aware that there is a market out here for sizes over an 11 yet they leave these markets “Untapped” Good for me I guess! Shoe line coming soon my fellow BF!

I hope you liked my picks and if not (Kanye Shrug) Until later luvs…


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