Be proud in the NOW

Every once in a while, dont forget to remind yourself to be happy/ proud- even before you reach your ultimate goal. Pat yourself on the back for every step you make in the right direction.


When I realized, I was CRAZY 😜

 I was online one day maybe about a month or two ago planning my trip to Miami in May. I was looking at Bergdorf Goodmans website when I came across these cute Christian Louboutin shoes. The shoes were so adorable!  anyone that knows about Christian knows that he has up to a size 12 but you … Continue reading When I realized, I was CRAZY 😜

Getting this line together 

 Taxes, shipping, duty tax requirements, limitations on amount of products, shipping to a port vs your front door. Man my head is spinning but I'm gonna get it together- one step at a time like #JordinSparks this #ShoeLine is truly a labor of love but as everyone knows love can be draining at times. I'm … Continue reading Getting this line together 

There’s no WEAKNESS in being a WOMAN 👈🏾‼️

Why do we assume all qualities of strength equate to masculinity? That there's no feminism is being who we are when we subconsciously exude STRENGTH?    A little more often than I would like- I see women who are afraid, in hiding, unsure of ...being WOMEN! Speaking to a good amount of women in causal conversation- … Continue reading There’s no WEAKNESS in being a WOMAN 👈🏾‼️