Getting out of my own way


Now that my 9-5 is over I have to make about 10 phone calls and 3 or more Skype calls to some more manufacturers / design team. The financial aspect of this is eye opening! Some would think that it’s ridiculous BUTTTT, Not as I expected. I was looking into a few things prior to even embarking on this journey for the fourth time– yes, I said it the 4️⃣th time.

Pglitterrior, I had noticed that there were many manufacturing companies, distributors, designers and other affiliates in the fashion world that could help with the shoe making process- however, not many were willing to budge when it came to pricing even though people I networked with stated they were paying substantially less! It was especially difficult knowing that I was being over charged for larger sizes to be made. I understand – more material, prospectively more man hours and blahh but I think they were just unwilling to do business.. Oh well, With that being said that was always a determining factor for me- that would cause me to put my dream on hold. I guess it’s almost like being in the plus size fashion industry- there are so many doors that turn you down, so many stores that don’t want to sell your product, oodles of people (oodles, yeah I said it! Whatsittoya! ‼️) that don’t see the vision- let alone, your vision 😞
This time around I decided to do some extremely thorough research. For those of you that know me personally you know that, I am the research queen HUNTTYY!!!  I will find out the answer for you in less than 2.5 seconds and have rebuttal in case you need to come back at somebody 😝 #Pow- yet when it comes to me, I always feel like I’m not good enough…. what I’m doing isn’t good enough… or what I’m doing is unattainable, not for everyone but just me. Blame it on me being an extremely exuberant dreamer. This time around I had to ask myself what what was going to be different with this process for me, what would make this attempt successful that wasn’t done my last 3️⃣❌, it’s a hard question to answer when you love to dream-but, find every reason why someone else would be more successful than you doing what you wanted to…
Feelings of inadequacy on the very spirit of somebody with even a sunny disposition as mine. I believe it comes from- this may sound crazy ..l.parents who tell you you’re capable of doing anything you want to do. WEIRD RIGHT! I’ll break it down little bit. all your young years you’re told you’re the best, you’re the prettiest, smartest, you’re the greatest, there is nothing that is unattainable for you- so go out there and don’t have the world OWE YOU ANYTHING (in my mom’s words and voice 😍) Then growing up in attempting to do-just those “ANY THINGS” that you were told you could do- ….. Then, falling flat on your face! That’s when reality hits and even though I know- now, as a 30-year-old- that it’s just the devil. After you hit a brick wall enough times it begins to take away your confidence -even though, in the back of my head; I am brilliant 🤔, pretty💅🏽, driven🚗, joyful🎉 and worthy of all things GREAT….. I’m still just ya average girl from the Bronx that had a dream to be better than my environment wanted to predisposition me to be.
Man, when I tell you this blog is so refreshing to just release!! Lol
Back on topic🤓 so, as I was saying -there were many unwilling participants in my last attempts so this time I took all the no’s and kept notes about all that needed to be done prior to even saying “open for business” now I’m working on those things. I’ll attempt to include a list but it may not be all inclusive of what’s needed to start ANY business. I’ll place the list a few hours after this post💻.  Definitely by this weekend 😐
I appreciate you all for watching, peeking, following or “lowKey” checking on my page. You all push me to go harder.
Stay tuned!

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