RIsearch RIsearch RESEARCH‼️

I didn’t get any real sleep last night. I passed out around 5 this morning only to get up and hour later to head to work.

Here I am sitting in a training class- and of couresearch.jpgrse I finish my work before the new hires… So what’s a girl to do? WORK ON MY DREAM. I’m tired as a BIH!

I was searching through some websites on how to attain disttibution centers contacts, designers, what steps need to be taken prior to saying- “i’m a BRAND”- as well as, how to price the inventory to encourage sells.

The battle I’m a facing is knowing what a quality pair of shoes can go for ($135+) and setting my price point so that I don’t scare people away.Crying

I was researching hair salon ownership months ago . While watching a YouTube video a lady whose link I will  post here –> http://youtu.be/iqFbsIPkZCQ was speaking on not just the product you present- but what the BRAND  itself has to offer over the ordinary business person.

I often share ideas with people (which I’m learning to shy away from). A few years back- I was speaking with a young lady about being her own boss and how to go about it ( Like I’m a pro 👀👈🏾‼️)- she then asked what business do I own or look forward to owning and I told her I want to be a shoe designer and seller. We bounced ideas back and forth- then, we touched on the subject of pricing.
She asked, who I would market to and what prices would I set for my target audience. I may have rambled off and mentioned a price somewhere in the realm of high $200’s- mid $300’s. She gasped 😮!  “You need to lower that shit!” I asked what she would charge and she said anywhere between $80-100 shipping included. THIS IS WHERE YOU LEARN TO SEPARATE YOUR DREAMS FROM ANOTHER PERSONS OPINION! As the conversation advanced I, instead of defending my response, picked apart her theory of what was appropriate for ME to do. I asked questions like; what type of shoe boxes would you place the shoes in, what design if any would the box have, dust bags or no?, paper to go along to wrap the shoes, what method of shipping, international as well? What about customer cards for membership which entitles them to perks, what logo would you place on the shoes? And how? What materials would be used? What would set you apart from Payless (No Shade, just a comparison!)

She answered three questions. The answers were:

The shoe boxes would be basic because she’s not trying to spend crazy money on a box they will throw away.

What are dust bags!?!

Payless is a huge store and they have the ability to hold more inventory than me so they can earn more.

DO YOU SEE WHERE IM GOING WITH THIS!?!? Because, this isn’t her dream- she only wants to give what she has seen on a lower level –HOWEVER, what I will provide- is luxury!

Shhhitt! I want to be that shoe box that you don’t want to throw away.. That shopping bag you fold and place in a closet. That member card you reach for like a credit card -every time I release a new shoe.

After explaining what I would offer and what would set me apart from every other designers besides being “HUNGRY” ( the need to succeed due to over or underwhelming circumstances which cause you to reach as hard and long as you can for success)- she asked why I was doing so much for each pair of shoes. Does anyone remember 🤔a parent telling them ” when you go out, you represent me!” As the rubbed Vaseline on your face?!? 😨

Well that’s how I feel- I want someone to to see my designs and know that’s a shoe by RI. I want customers to buy and return for more because they couldn’t believe what they received for their dollars. Granted my figures were mid range numbers but NEVER let someone talk you out of what you know you can provide and reap benefits from. I’ve seen people in public housing purchase LouBoutins and range rovers as well as single moms supporting Gucci as if it’s their third child. No matter what my price point is there will be a consumer for it.

My hustle goes deep!


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