Getting out of my own way

  Now that my 9-5 is over I have to make about 10 phone calls and 3 or more Skype calls to some more manufacturers / design team. The financial aspect of this is eye opening! Some would think that it's ridiculous BUTTTT, Not as I expected. I was looking into a few things prior … Continue reading Getting out of my own way


Worry About YOURSELF !!!!!

  This webpage will be about MY JOURNEY and all that it encompasses. Bloggers nowadays are paid to sample and give opinions and as others (old school Bloggers) are noticing- The core of what we once were has diminished. I'm an emotional person so my emotions will leak onto this screen as well as my … Continue reading Worry About YOURSELF !!!!!

Still awake 02:25 AM

I'm attempting to tweak this site considering it is my baby. Presenting myself to you all, is kinda intimidating yet a stress relief. It's odd- when you embark on new endeavors you're somewhat afraid to let close friends and family in- fearing how they will perceive you. It's always been easier for me to discuss … Continue reading Still awake 02:25 AM