Inventory’ Dreamin’

#FifiLaBeaux watchers, purchasers and bashers.... It's been such a long time and the journey continues. Things haven't been easy but I'm so thankful for the journey and the knowledge that comes with effort. First, thank you!!!!!!  to those- who seen "SOLD OUT "and still preordered and emailed, inquired, ULTIMATELY ORDERED!!! 💰securing  the bag isn't hard … Continue reading Inventory’ Dreamin’


So, you want to start a business..

#MoneyToTheCeiling It's what most want, right? #RiinventYourMethods #Entepreneurship #WinningWithYourDreams #FifiLaBeaux Steps Having started my own journey into entrepreneurship- I have realized that there are countless areas no one ever tells you about that could make or break your endeavor. I've decided that over the next 6 weeks I will incrementally go over the steps to … Continue reading So, you want to start a business..